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I made my Journal friends-only a while ago, and now I'm finally announcing about it, yeah. I still have some open entries, but now I feel like closing them all to public. Actually about 90% of my posts are friends-only.
Comment to be added. If we share some interests I'll add you back for sure ^^

p.s: Don't kill me, I suck at making banners.

p.s2: From now on no more adding back without commenting here. I'm sorry. I want to have friends and not just some people in my friend-list.

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so many things happened while I was out. hello, Mary!
I even didn't know you made your journal friends only. that's a surprise.

you don't suck, I like your banner. Where this picture from? I think I know this guy but I can't remember.

hi, Cecy!!! nice to hear from you from time to time!!!
I recently made the banner so that's why I think. ne?

thank youuuu! *Feels happier*
This pic is from Yukan Club dorama. This Miroku played by Akanishi Jin. I think you know him.

ah, Yukan Club! Forgot this name!
I know jin a little bit. Who doesn't with this famous Akame thing?

wow! Is Akame so popular that even you know them?!!

Nice banner, really. Miroku with guitar is love *hugs you*
sorry, I'm not much of LJ user, I'm not here that often.

thank you, kawaii-chan! Miroku is always love *hugs back*
that's ok. I visit LJ very seldom too.

Hiya! I saw you on my TeruxJiro community. ^^ Again, I'd like to say that I'm glad to have you in the comm, and I look forward to getting to know you. ^___^

awww, hi!
nice to meet another Glay fan!
I like your comm and the pairing so I joined. Hopefully more people will do the same, ne? )))
Because TeruXJiro is my favourite pair in Glay right now.
Is it yours too?

yay! me too wants to have new friends! *shake hands and goes to add back*

Absolutely! ^___^ TeruxJiro is my all-time fave Glay pairing!

And I thought I was the only Glay fan in the entire world who liked the idea of Teru and Jiro being together - what with all the TeruxHisashi and TeruxTakuro (not that I don't like those pairings too).

Why is it your favourite pairing? Is it because they look good together or other reasons? I think I like them together cause they'are my 2 favourite jrock boys. It's obvious to make them a couple hehehehe.

Once when i think about it I was a huge TeruXHisa fan... but not my tastes changed quite a lot. But I still don't mind TeruXTakuro. Because it's obvious they are best friends and are so close together.
But TeruXJiro is difinitely more interesting.

btw you're not alone, my best friend also likes them together.

hi Iq!! ^__^ i just want to wish you merry Xmas and a happy new year!!

yay! thanks! good choice!

glad u like it ^^
how r u btw?

thanks for the link...
I'm taking three tokio's songs..

thanks a lot!!!

I noticed you like UVERworld and gackt.
And is an anime fan. I hope we can be friends. ^^

Hello! I like a lot of bands and singers, actually.
yeah, we can be friends )))
want me to add you?

Me too. I'm open to anything. :P
And yes. XD

yay! what are your favourite bands? I suppose not only UverWorld and Gackt )

btw where are u from? )))

I'm adding then ^_^

hi. can you add me? i loved your ryopi pic spam post :D

yay! why not! *goes to add* so are you a ryopi fan too?

(Deleted comment)
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