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Andante, Andante...

Russia won Eurovision 2008!!! I'm sooooooooo happy!!!
Though I'm not very fond of Bilan I think he did his best.
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By maryiq at 2008-05-25

Still there
Just to show that I'm still there...
well, I'm doing fine now, continue to work on my diploma, going to practise at school and lectures at university. Somehow I got used to this crazy tempo and I feel that I'm actually not that tired anymore as I should be by the end of the week.

I have a strong feeling that I'm making my LJ more and more boring. Maybe I should write here more about my interests? What do you think? I really don't mind fangirling here if you're fine with it. ne?

RyoPi picspam
That's my first time doing picspam. It's a little embarrassing since I've never fangirled like that in my entire life. *shy smile* but I tried to do my best, so don't kill me if I did something wrong )))

Warning: I don't know whom to credit about some pics so I'm sorry if you see your work here. If you know whom to credit just please tell me and I'll write a proper credit.
Second warning: Like 80% of these pics are pretty old so you may already have seen them. I only chose my favourite pics so there are still more RyoPi pictures in the net.

************RyoPi Love************Collapse )
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Some uploads
I haven't uploaded anything for months. And now I have a bunch of jpop/jrock uploads. If any of the links don't work for some strange reason please tell me!

My uploaded list is:
Kanjani8 - Zukkoke otoko michi [PV]
Aragaki Yui - Heavenly Days [PV]
X-Japan - I.V [PV]
TRAX - Paradox [PV]
Glay - Happiness [PV]
V6 - Feel your breeze[PV]
Takui - Re-Set [PV]
Glay - Sorry love [PV]
Glay - Kodou [PV]
Kat-tun - You [PV]
Lucifer - Datenshi blue [live]
L'Arc~en~Ciel - Hurry Xmas [PV]
Lucifer - Datenshi blue [PV]
Lucifer - C no Binetsu [PV]
Lucifer - Tsubasa [PV]
Glay - Ashes [single]
X-Japan - I.V [mp3 rip]
Eve - Play me [album]
DBSK - Together [single]
NewS - Weeek [single]
Super Junior - U [single]
Tokio - Sorafune [mp3]
Tokio - Gin Giragin ni Sarige na [mp3]
Tokio - Hikari no Machi [mp3]
Tokio - Reply [mp3]
Tokio - Love you only [mp3]
Tokio - Ambitious Japan [mp3]
Tokio - Mr. Traveling Man [mp3]
Tokio - Message [mp3]
Tokio - SEISYuN [mp3]


Comment if taking, please, ne )))

Super Junior fanfic
year, right, I wrote one. And it's my first time writing anyhting in english. I hope I'll improve soon.

Title: No title yet
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: strong hints of EunTeuk, might be also a little Eunhae if you have a good imagination.
Rating: PG (or PG-13?)
Warning: bad English, OOC (I’m not too familiar with their true characters yet, sorry)
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. This scene has never happened in real life… or maybe has happened, who knows ^^
Summary: It’s just a piece of nonsense that popped in my head when I was sitting at some boring lecture whatever.
Waking Eunhyuk up in the early morning is a very hard work indeed…

(this nonsense is here)

[media] GLAY - SORRY LOVE PV + some leftovers
yeeeeeeeeesh! another one new PV from Glay! I'm so in love with this song!
thanks to doobie from jpopsuki!


+ Some Leftovers:
Glay - Beautiful Dreamer PV
Golf & Mike - Run For Your love
NewS - Weeek PV
Nobuta wo Produce OST
PV Plastic Tree - Tsumetai Hikari
Super Junior PV - Don't Don

[media] Glay - Ashes PV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hooraaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Glay new PV was out yesterday!!!!!!!!!!! I'm suprised noone uploaded it yet! Got it from jpopsuki! yay! thanks to doobie!

Download from Sendspace
Download from GigaSize

[media] Yuuki dorama via SS
Uploaded for taguchon

Title: ユウキ
Title (romaji): Yuuki
Tagline: Sekai de Hachibanme no Tatakai ni Katta Otoko no Monogatari
Format: Tanpatsu
Genre: Human drama
Viewership ratings: 22.7%
Broadcast network: NTV
Broadcast date: 2006-Aug-26

Part1 Download
Part2 Download
Part3 Download
Part4 Download
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[media] J-pop/K-pop PVs
I've uploaded some PVs so I thought should share again ^^

DBSK & BoA & theTRAX - TriAngle PV


DBSK Rising Sun PV


KANJANI8 MOVIE with english subs


Kanjani8 Zukkoke Otokomichi PV


Tackey and Tsubasa XDame PV


V6 - Voyager PV


WaT - Hava Rava PV


[media] 8 TRAX PVs + 2 Glay vids + 2 Lucifer vids
There are some vids I uploaded recently. 2 Aucifer vids, 2 Glay vids and 8 TRAX PVs

Aucifer - Datenshi Blue [Live Be Trip Tour 03-2001]


Aucifer - Regret [Pop Jam]


Glay X Exile - Scream (live)


Glay - However (live)


TRAX - Liez PV


TRAX - Scorpio PV


TRAX - Over the Rainbow (Piano Ver) PV


TRAX - Beat Traitor PV


TRAX - Blazeaway PV


TRAX - Resolution PV


TRAX - Rhapsody PV


TRAX - Paradox PV



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